Katie Melua – Piece By Piece – CD + DVD


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État: Très bon état

Label:Dramatico ‎– DRAMDVCD0002
Format:CD, Album, DVD, DVD-Video, PAL

CD-1 Shy Boy 3:28
CD-2 Nine Million Bicycles 3:15
CD-3 Piece By Piece 3:24
CD-4 Halfway Up The Hindu Kush 3:06
CD-5 Blues In The Night 4:12
CD-6 Spider’s Web 3:58
CD-7 Blue Shoes 4:39
CD-8 On The Road Again 4:38
CD-9 Thankyou, Stars 3:39
CD-10 Just Like Heaven 3:35
CD-11 I Cried For You 3:30
CD-12 I Do Believe In Love 3:00
Additional Tracks
CD-13 It’s Only Pain 3:15
CD-14 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Acoustic Version) 3:07
CD-15 Sometimes When I’m Dreaming 3:38
Piece By Piece – Moment By Moment (1:20:31)
DVD-1.1 Shy Boy
DVD-1.2 Nine Million Bicycles
DVD-1.3 Blues In The Night
DVD-1.4 Spider’s Web
DVD-1.5 Fancy
DVD-1.6 I Cried For You
DVD-1.7 Halfway Up The Hindu Kush
DVD-1.8 Licy In The Sky With Diamonds
DVD-1.9 Just Like Heaven
DVD-1.10 Piece By Piece
DVD-1.11 On The Road Again
DVD-1.12 Crawling Up A Hill
DVD-1.13 Spaceman
DVD-1.14 The Closest Thing To Crazy
DVD-1.15 Mockingbird Song
DVD-1.16 Faraway Voice
DVD Nine Million Bicycles (Promo Film) 3:17
DVD I Cried For You (Promo Film) 3:54
DVD Spider’s Web (Promo Film) 4:13
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